Our Approach

Our approach is simple... sponsor a route, pray, distribute and follow-up

1. Sponsor a Route.  One route of 50 books at $10.00 each equals $500.00.  Your city will be divided into 50 home routes.  You have a choice of your route for delivery.  Payable by credit card, cheque or cash (see our donation page).  Phone 204-788-4883 for more information or to contribute by cheque or money order.   Charitable donation receipts will be issued.

2. Pray. Pray for the families that will be receiving the WHY book.  Maps and address lists will be provided so you can pray specifically for the route.

3. Distribution. You have a choice.  You can deliver the books yourself or we will arrange for distribution.

4. Follow-up.  Follow-up is critical.  Many people invite people to their church for a specal outreach event.