Frequently Asked Questions

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When was the WHY book produced?

The book was produced in 1986, about 11 years after Canadian publisher, George Derksen, first envisioned producing a Christian witnessing tool in the same dynamic and colorful format as his company's popular business publication.


What was George Derksen's vision for the book?

George Derksen's vision was to get the book into every home in Canada. As George describes, "God gave the original vision. Then we asked Him in prayer - What do you want us to do with it? He gave the answer. People want to share their faith but often don't know what to say. Here was an effective witnessing tool which they could easily share with their neighbours."


Is the WHY Encounter a registered charity?

Yes, the WHY Encounter is a member of the 4 C's - the Canadian Council of Christian Charities. In 1977, Canadian Women's Crusade for Christ, Inc. was started by three women to organize a three-day outreach with Dale Evans Rogers as guest speaker. In 1986, the name was changed to Canadian Crusade for Christ, Inc. with the WHY Encounter as a trade name. In 1999, the charity name was changed to WHY Encounter, Inc.